Specializing in Custom Horsehair Jewelry and Tack


Please drop me a line if you have any questions!  I will take orders via email or by phone.  Smaller orders like jewelry usually take 30 days or less.  Large orders like belts and headstalls require 3-6 months. 




Bracelets can come with or without a bead and are sized to your wrist.  Price is $45 plus shipping.


Purple and white colorful braided horsehair dangle earrings

Pick a color that matches your personality and wardrobe! Price is $25 plus shipping.


Orange and white braided horsehair choker necklace

Need to spice up your jewelry selection with something unique? Price is $30 plus shipping.


Matching White braided horsehair adjustable bracelet and necklace with turquoise beads

Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces can all be made to match!  $70 for a two-piece set, $100 for a 3-piece set plus shipping.


Custom hitched black, white and blue horsehair belt with custom leather tips

All of our belts are custom made to fit you and include beautifully crafted leather ends stamped and dyed to your preferences.  Belts start at $1000 plus shipping.

Headstalls and Reins

Braided adjustable and functional black, sorrel and white horsehair headstall, bridle and reins

Headstalls are all adjustable, fully functional, and completely horsehair.  Reins will include chains.  Headstall price is $450, Reins are $500, and a set is $900 plus shipping


Hitched black, white and sorrel hitched adjustable horsehair hatband

Hitched hatbands are $300, a 3-Braid hatband is $150, and a 5-Braid hatband is $175 plus shipping.


custom horsehair shoefly and tassel

Shooflys are made around a brass ring.  Price is $30 plus shipping.



Keychains can be made with or without a tassel end.  With tassels are $30, without tassels are $20 plus shipping.